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Press Release 25/05/15

the forgotten lands_crop


The Central Coast youth now have a place to speak out and have their voices heard thanks to an initiative by Regional Youth Support Services (RYSS)

During the last 3 years the non-profit organization has run award winning programs which engage and raise awareness about issues that effect our youth community on the Central Coast.

This year, four talented Youth Leaders were selected to build an innovative digital project from the ground up, led by young local, Sam Hilton, a successful documentary maker and entrepreneur.

Over the past few months, the team have been busy creating a digital web platform with rich media content (photos,videos,blogs) showcasing the talented young people who live on the coast and providing an online hub for the community to network, interact, voice opinions and have their stories heard.

“It’s an exciting time to be a young person living on the Central Coast, with so much change happening around us, it’s nice to know that young people don’t have to walk alone anymore. Through this project we have taken the first step by giving the youth of the coast a place to share their stories and showcase their talents, I certainly wish I had access to that when I was growing up”  Sam (Youth Leader).

The project’s official launch will be taking place this weekend 30-31st of May at Erina Fair (next to ABC) There will be an collaborative live art installation, music and chill out space, young people are encouraged to take part in the art installation and come meet the team. The tour will then continue to other locations around the region to reach hundreds of local young people!

For more info visit www.theforgottenlands.org


Press Release 28/10/13

Caution Love Ahead

Date Wednesday 20th and Thursday 21st June 2013


Cost:- $10.00
Location-Youth Arts Warehouse, 123 Donnsion Street, Gosford.

The talents of young creative minds from the Script Writing and Performance program, ‘Playwrite’ at the Youth Arts Warehouse have put their pens to paper again and scripted a play about the fragility of love, called “Caution Love Ahead”. Drawing from their imagination and local youth culture they have worked together to develop an original play that explores the intrigues’ of relationships and how they are tricky to navigate, especially when the Gods are involvedA tongue in cheek look at how couples interact and how even Deities have problems; be prepaid to enjoy an hour of disarray when characters full of hope and mischief lead you on a journey of love and loss.

Amy Wilson who tutors the students said; It will be a lively night of talented young performers who have worked together for a few years now. This play is solely created by our YAW Theatre group and consists of fourteen talented, dedicated and skilled young people from a range of schools and backgrounds.
This is a great opportunity to see live theatre in a contemporary space written, directed, acted and performed by young people.

The Play write Program will be continuing next year starting in February and is taking registrations now, so don’t miss out.

Produced by the Youth Arts Warehouse, supported by Gosford City Council’s community and cultural development grants 2013.

Call now for your FREE VIP TICKETS OR $10 at the DOOR


For further information contact Sharon on 43 23 2374


Sharon Aldrick
Central Coast Express Advocate
ArtStart 2011- Program descriptions - Download PDF

We have a number of high end art programs we are coordinating and running which include Artstart a NSW Government initiative in partnership with TAFE access. Our original script writing and development program ‘Script inc 2’ attracted over 21 students tutored by industry professional Jonathon Gilbert and was performed over two nights in June with an audience of 143. I will be working closely with Jason Rooke, The Music coordinator to raise the profile of the Youth Arts Warehouse as the CC prime hotspot for innovative arts programs and cutting edge music events to enhance Young People’s lives.  We are very proud to have a fantastic space with state of the art audio/lighting and stage equipment and a recording studio facility, over 2000 young people have utilised YAW this year. We had 100 people attended our last Metrodome Music event in April, this event is a great opportunity for our young bands to perform professionally in front of a live audience, our headliner band was ‘Sons of Alamo’.

I will be working together in collaboration with youth services across the coast and Wyong and Gosford council to bring our region together and create dynamic partnerships with a broader vision to raise the profile of arts on the Coast. We will be identifying strengths and opportunities for enhancing young people’s experiences through art and creating programs that bring in local artists and industry professional mentors to work with young people on projects that give them professional skills, training and help in pursuing their chosen arts profession.

We are working on a new level developing a point of difference that produces innovation and excellence across all art forms that connect and engage to our community and helps build a cultural identity of the region. RYSS arts team are looking forward to working with RDA on a new Multi Media project in the new year.

I have worked as a Community Cultural Development arts practitioner for over sixteen years and worked with many young people from remote indigenous communities in central Australia to small outback towns, to inner-city multicultural communities and rural farming communities– connecting with them and bringing their stories to mainstream Australia these projects have an enormous impact on the people involved.

I  have always been embraced by wonderful people, excited about being given a chance to share aspects of their world. “Extraordinary experiences happen through art”. Communities are made up of many extraordinary individuals who are unreservedly and boldly explicit in their manner of self-expression, confidence and resilience. Young People need to be noticed and to have a voice; this is an important part of the process, which allows the participants a strong feeling of ownership. ‘

Our current program is Impress yourself Artstart 2011 covering workshops from photography, indigenous art, song writing, music video production, original script writing and development, documentary film making, music production and recording, screen printing, stage management and curatorial pathways in partnership with Gosford Art Gallery which will all be showcased in an exhibition at The Entrance Gallery, Opening 21st Oct. The finally of Artstart festival is an indy Music Summit in the youth arts warehouse on the 11th November. For all details on programs and to find out more please visit our website www.youthartswarehouse.com.au or call 443232374.