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When you think of graffiti and street art you instantly think; unsanctioned aerosol tags BUT The Youth Arts Warehouse ‘Street Art program’ redefines this and delivers a high-end artistic view of the word (Street Art), producing original works of art that reflect local youth culture.

Art takes Gosford is a location that is considered to foster a pioneering street art culture for our community.

Located at 70 Mann St (former Frogys site), working in partnership with GBID and curator Gabrelle Somers.

The latest exhibition is of life size figures that creep over the space creating energy filled patterned shapes that appear to fall, swim and jump through the air. Students, who completed the Street Art program at The Youth Arts warehouse, worked in collaboration under the guidance of professional Artist Russell Way to produce the installation.  Aligned with the formal layout of the Art Takes Gosford streetscape; each students work compliments the other while equally reflecting their’ own style, personality and place, with choice of colour and object they used to create the work.

This artwork can be read from both sidewalk and passing vehicular aspects. It is to engage the considerations of the passers by; who may like to take a closer look and see the fragility and textural nature of the artwork. Produced by 11-16 year olds the work addresses the ephemeral idea of street art, and uses found objects such as old stovetops, tools and curtains with multiple layers of aerosol. Stenciled animals and words created by the students complete the complexity of the work.

The next Street Art program starts on
Date: Thursday 18th October to 22nd November
Time: 4-6pm
Cost: $80 Limited spaces
Age: 12-18years
Location: The Youth Arts Warehouse, 123 Donnison Street Gosford
Contact Sharon Aldrick Phone:43 232374

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