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Street Art By Alice Carrett

Just completed is the Amazing
Art Work of Alice Carrett
in the Rain and Horne ally way Mann Street Gosford.


Alice produced it for her Final HSC Art Work for St Joseph's School, support by Regional Youth Support Services, GBID and the Art from the Streets Committee.

Artist Statement ALICE CARRETT
For my Major Work, I am exploring the way we live and belong, in both public and private spaces, as well as the idea of ‘the family unit’ as it has changed and evolved over time.

Through my Major Work, we see the evolution – The Past,  The Present,  and perhaps Our Future - as it is up to us to create the world we want to live in.

Using photographic images as a base, the work move's through several decades of family life in all its forms and delve into its evolution through time from the nuclear family unit to the more separate and less communicative family of today.

Through the medium of WheatPaste and film, I want to show the images almost creep over and take over the space, the first layer, then the second, then the third. The work is designed to be Ephemeral and deteriorate over time. There will also be an element of hope and fresh beginnings, of gentleness, of care - how we are looking towards a new future full of hope and fulfilment. 


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