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IMPRESSABILITY A great exhibition take a look

overview-smallWhat a great exhibition, the powerful impact the work had on a lot of people was really impressive.

It was a big hit, about 150 people attended the opening night who stayed and really connected with the work.
The exhibition looked amazing 
The video/performance art work was really powerful and tells the story from the heart, the rooms created personal spaces of intimacy and once you went into them, you were totally in the artists world, connected to what you were hearing and seeing.
The large scale photographs demanded attention for their sheer brilliance in execution.  The captions revelled  the young artists perspective of their ideas & development.
The mark making added a contemporary/ abstract view towards Identity, really mapping the human condition in response to surrounds, and natural ability in the creation of art.
The exhibition is sophisticated, professional and meaningful.
Somers McDonell Gallery
102 Mann Street Gosford
Tuesday-Friday 12-4pm
The Youth Arts Warehouse 123 Donnison Street Gosford , (Opp Library)
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