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The Gosford Project

Take a look at the brilliant performance from our Youth Theatre Groups. The Gosford project had the audience in stitches


Dear Colleagues in the Arts and Culture,

I just went to see last night the opening of this play see below….I really urge you to experience the GEM of this play. An intelligent, insightful, fresh comedy about how things really are in Gosford….and a reminder that no one here is a fool!!!!

What an amazing effort for a group of young people at only their second attempt to theatre!!!?? We laughed all the way to the end of this sharp and dense one hour play…often surprised at their ability to bring into focus the doom and gloom of a particular reality (the adult way of saying..this is how’s done!)…and then spook those ghosts with the sheer energy of their age…the age of hope, dreams and a firm belief that the “world” can be better than what it is now and that “ someone” should also listen to them if we don’t want to turn them in yet another batch of cynics ….


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