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The Fab Pad concept is an interior design project for homeless or vulnerable tenants (usually 16-21 years) which offers tenancy stabilisation, improves access to jobs and training opportunities, personal development through relativity and prevention of repeat homelessness. This allows young people to use the arts to make a positive and lasting change to their lives.

How does it assist the young person?

Provide a combined social responsibility with sound and ethical business practice to encourage long term stable accommodation.

The Lasting Effect

  • Stability in home life and pride in home
  • Renewed family contact
  • Improved self esteem and aspiration
  • Making new friends and reduced offending
  • Sense of achievement
  • Money management
  • Keeping appointments and maintaining contact

What do we do

  • Develop room design plans
  • Discuss use of colour and paint effects
  • Wall preparation and painting
  • Creating soft furnishings
  • Creating accessories
  • Furniture renovation and transformation

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