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PLAY WRITE Performance

Our PLAY WRITE Performance was a blast one comment was
Amazing work! Buckets of creativity and jaw dropping performances. Wow! 

Amazing!!! Loved the performances, truly fantastic. Thank you YAW and the team – Karen Lee

Brilliant work guys. Great to see such passion! – Lyn Cooper

Well done to all the young people – ideas + acting + monologues were brilliant. Great job RYSS. – Linda Thomas

Good to see your acting can go further. Deep feelings about – Margaret Hardy

Awesome! Love the creativity! Great accent Steven – Anne, Kathryn & Sandra

Wonderful?! Fantastic talent. Follow your dreams! – Kim Tupper

Fantastic effort and great performances =) Great creativity! Well done – Hannah Tupper

Go Christian and Kezia! – Tara Lee

Amazing work! Buckets of creativity and jaw dropping performances. Wow! – Paul Cook

Keep up the great work! John and Bev Porter

Great plays – Keep it up! Simon Lee

Excellent show, Milly was great, old beyond her years -  Greg Timewell & Kylie Williams

Amazing job. The talent in the group is to commended, big thumbs up! =) – Inreke Denoon

1st time heard about this theatre, wonderful play, and great talent. I can see a wonderful future ahead – Debbie Hope

Fantastic performances, well done. I hope to see more at this theatre – Rebecca Hope

Exceeded expectations. You could see the work everyone put in a real surprise thanks! – Barry Hughes

WOW WOW WOW WOW STARS HAVE BEEN BORN TONIGHT! Thank you for the wonderful night – Joanna Hughes (Ethan’s very proud mum)

You are all so great I almost cried – stockhome play beautiful and well done – Dylan Mcfly

Sweeet! – Tom Reedson

Loved it!! Such a great thing going here!! Coming next time =) – Joshua Keane

Very good play, all well executed. Hope to see your movies on the big screen someday – Brad Somogyi

Awesome, had fun and loved the show – Heather Myall & David Deyors

Was Amazing – Natasha Hunter

It was amazing, I loved every second of it, can see you all becoming famous and being in Broadway!! =) much love xx – Hollie Eccles

All you guys were amazing and I love you all, with the talent that is on the central coast and Germany it is so wonderful. You never see, to surprise and when you do it better than the 1st time, continue with all your dreams and follow your heart. Loved the show can’t wait for the next one…WILL BE THERE!!! =) xo – Rebecca Coupe

Loved the directing, James is gorgeous and hot xx great ‘egg breaking voice’ loved it James! – Nick, Jarrod, Alicia, Ashleigh Wesley, Morgan, BJ, Natalie & Lincoln.

Ethan’s death scene was so funny – Jasper Hughes

Great performances everyone, hope to see you perform again =) – Emily Hughes

Awesome performance and writing. Such a valuable resource for all youth and the community. Thank You! – Belinda and Lucy Cook

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