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Indent Featuring Local Bands with Jinja Safari

Mystic Flare-SONS OF ALAMO and Safro Lionza

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Sons Of Alamo have a fast growing reputation in Australia for creating catchy indie pop-rock music. Made up of two brothers (Jordan & Rohan Fleming), Bryce Gleeson & Will Hunt, the band achieved a huge amount in the 2 years they have been together.

Their first self- titled EP released in 2009, caught the attention of pop lovers with its addictive hooks and catchy melodies, landing a publishing deal with Tommirock Records.

The boys continued to write, filling spots for venues such as The Metro Theatre, The Factory Theatre and smaller bars/performance venues around the Sydney/Central Coast area.

2010 saw the Sons win 1st place in the Battle Of The Bands, receiving $2500 + recording time with Caravan Records. During this year the boys also made it to the semi finals of the International Emergenza Festival as well as release a well received album (self recorded) and release singles ‘Take It To The Water’ & ‘Save My Soul’.

As the bands audience grew, so too did their music and future plans. By 2011 the boys had released their official Music Video to single ‘Take It To The Water’, win 1st place in YOUTHTUNES 2011 and release ‘Summer Song’ and their EP ‘Send- Off’, recorded at Caravan Records.

After playing for SONY representatives at the Metro Theatre through MySchoolAct, the Sons have been booked to play BIG DAY OUT 2012 alongside international acts such as Kanye West, Foster The People and Kasabian.

After playing BIG DAY OUT 2012, the boys have kept busy with the 2012 release of their 2nd studio Album 'Vamoose', touring the music up Australia's East Coast, playing Easterfest Festival, and releasing music video's for 2012 album single's "Taller Tree's They Talk", "What If I Wander?" & their 2011 'Send- Off EP' single "Summer Song".

The Sons write and play music for the love of it and hope to continue learning and having fun along the way.


 There’s dogs, there’s cats and there’s Mystic Flare. A new breed of mammal. A new form of human evolution. Musical geniuses with no creative limits. No physical restrictions and an underfed ego. With this in mind let them take you to a world you don’t understand. A world where sound is the most delicate yet powerful possession. A fragile beast.
Cut from a feather, their music glides you through a hurricane, then slams you into a cloud. With an unmatched drive and a lucid passion, they are determined to be appreciated for their unnatural gifts:
Jayden – Guitar guru. First played guitar at the age of 2 when visited by the ghost of Hendrix. Scott – Deadly drummer. Uses glass drumsticks. Carl – Bona fide bass player. Deaf since birth yet can feel vibrations from low sound frequencies. Toby – Vocal reverie. The next messiah.

“Once in a lifetime there comes a band that are a cut far above the rest.” – Roger Mcdoe.  “I can eat their music!” – Freddy Jobs “You have to see these guys. Before they wake up to themselves...” – Mystic Flare.

 Safro Lionza

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