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Movement, Music and Mind - Wednesday's 4-6pm

Be part of a dynamic group and work together to produce an expressive performance piece and learn skills from industry professionals in the Youth arts warehouse and recording studio. Participants will learn to feel comfortable creating and performing expressive movement. It will be a chance for young people to tune in to their own instincts, reactions and rhythms, to find movements to create and play with. What makes them tick? What makes them jump? What makes them want to dance?

 Once we are getting comfortable in moving ourselves, how do we move others? We will learn how to contain and develop movement, from flashes of inspiration, into repeatable and shareable pieces, and eventually into a contemporary performance.

Participants will be developing movement to original music generated and collaborating with young musicians in the Music program. This will provide inspiration, develop skills in collaboration, and foster a creative environment where young people can use their skills to bolster each others creative ideas.


Phone 43 23 2374

Date: 2nd May – 4th July

Time: Wednesday's 4pm-6pm

Cost: $150 per term (payable out of NDIS if applicable)

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