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Dust Filled Corridors a great success

The talents of young creative minds from the ‘YAW Place YAW Mind YAW Play’, original script writing and performance program had a record audience on November 29th for the final performance.

 ‘Dust filled corridors’ written entirely by students 12-17 years was a murder mystery with a twist and a touch of fairy tale that took you on a journey through madness and imagination to comedy and intense drama.

Thanks to James Wright a young emerging director and tutor/ director Amy Wilson whom developed the students skills in script writing, theatre production, acting, and characterisation. 

Audience Guest Book Comments

Dylan Brassington                   –                    “YOUR GONNA (sic) BE A STAR”

Harley Brandon                                    -                  “Excellent”

Ky-Lee Fulton                                     -                  “ The props, cast, direction was great!”

Gareth                                                      -                  “Good”

Kay Wilson                                     -                  “Tr`es Tr`es Tr`es EXCELLENT”

David McDonald                  -                  “ Tr`es Excellent”

Peter Johnson                                    -                  “A slick performance, congrats (sic) to all”

Borris the Bear                                    -                  “Fantastic! Everyone was beautiful. Acting was superb”

“guy in the back”                  -                  “I weeped (sic)”

Callum Southers                   -                  “That Rowan guy was fantastic”

Cheryl Pomerge                   -                  “Congratulations”

Janice Johnson                                    -                  “Script & Actors absolutely sensational, job well done”

Belinda Cook                                     -                  “Thank You for a great program + performance”

Helen Robertson                   -                  “Thank you for all the hard work behind the scenes”

"Being a part of a group of like-minded people and working together on a production of this standard has helped lift my self confidence, I have made some amazing friends and enjoyed the whole process". Tamika Lee-Kendal said of the experience.

Be part of next years great opportunity of live theatre for young people.  The YAW Place, YAW Mind, YAW Play will be continuing next year starting in February and is taking registrations now, so don’t miss out.

Produced by the Youth Arts Warehouse, supported by Gosford City Council’s community and cultural development grants 2012.

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